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Joining old and new, extra virgin oil “Fontana Galardi” is produced by pressing of “cultivar” Sessana, Leccino and Frantoio, hand-picked at right ripeness and carefully transformed with methods in respect of the fruit to enhancing the quality and taste level. The vineyards and olive groves are placed in an enchanting frame of chestnut forests that extend up the top of the Roccamonfinana volcano offering to visitors a unique opportunity to meet nature.

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The care and attention to the vineyard are the essential commitment for the quality of our wine. The grapes are carefully grown and selected in order to allocate only the best wine-making production. Propose in distillery Terra di Lavoro grape skins was a simple and natural step to create a soft and enveloping grappa with a radically Mediterranean impression. Our grapes entrusted to the Master Distiller Giovanni La Fauci are heated slowly. The distillate is transferred into steel tanks and left in aging for 6/8 months, and subsequently it is diluted with water, collected to a source on the mountain, so to bring it to the desired gradation.

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